Tribute to Tom Harrison

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Tom Harrison.

As many of the countless tributes from fellow musicians have already expressed, Tom’s impact on the Vancouver music scene was incalculably vast. For our band, his support was career-altering; there is no doubt that he was instrumental in helping The Grapes sign to a major record label.

In 1986, the A&R team from Capitol-EMI Records was in Vancouver to check out a local band. During a set break, Tom suggested they visit the Savoy Club in Gastown to catch some of our show. That was the night that the ball got rolling, with us eventually being signed directly to Capitol.

In the following years, Tom consistently supported us, with positive album and concert reviews, as well as features in local papers. It was always great to run into him at a local bar, have a drink and discuss music; his knowledge being very deep. He was such a champion of the Vancouver music scene-an enthusiastic pioneer especially when indie bands needed all the exposure they could get.

Thanks again Tom.

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