The Grapes of Wrath E.P. 30th Anniversary Contest


In December of 1984, Nettwerk Records in Vancouver issued its 3rd release: our 4 song 12 inch EP. We recorded it over couple of eight hour sessions at a studio in Burnaby that summer. The release of those songs was the beginning of a 30 year story that would include a major label deal, hit singles and videos and international releases and tours.

Wow – what a time it has been. Back in the summer of 1984 – at the ages of 20, 20, and 18 – we weren’t even thinking of our own 30th birthdays, let alone the 30th anniversary of our first record.

So here we are – looking back to a time before cell phones, CDs, and the Internet. Oh the memories! Now that we are out on the road once more, and meeting up with you all again, we are loving the stories you share with us about first hearing our music, or what some of our songs meant to you.

So to mark this milestone we want to give away some memorabilia.

Post a Throw Back photo on our Facebook Page – showcasing your 1980’s or 90’s haircut, groovy outfit, photos from one of our shows and memories about the music, on our Grapes of Wrath Facebook page.

Then we ( Chris, Kevin and Tom) will pick some winners.

Prizes include:
an original copy of the EP, still in the cellophane
a stylish new Grapes Of Wrath toque
a copy of our most recent album, High Road, on clear vinyl
a copy of our upcoming 7″ for “Mexico”/”None Too Soon”, on purple vinyl
copy of George Orwell’s “1984”, signed by the band (good book – recommended!)

We’ll announce the winners on December 24th.
Thanks for the memories folks, without an audience there would be no show.


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  1. I was in used record store in Barrie and the harmonies really grabbed me. I thought it was Bad finger at first..The album was Tree house and it was1987 I think. The songwriting in this band is pure genus.Thanks for the memories past,present,and future..


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