New album soon…

New album release date and details coming soon…


  1. Great news. I have been waiting on an update. Hopefully things are progressing nicely. Grapes has been a big part of my life. September.., Treehouse, Now & Again. Canadian classics. Treehouse especially. It spoke to me. That record was the soundtrack to my youth. Looking forward to new material.

  2. i’ve been a fan since Now And Again came out. Thx to my best friend Jason for turning me on to such an amazing band. I’m so proud you guys are Canadian. I met Tom Hooper quite a few times in edm. The first time was in 93′ nov. in front of Sam The Record Man store. that was the first time i saw tom play with chris 10′ in front of me .Wow what a memory. Later on that week, Ginger opened for Sarah Mclaughlin at the Myer Horowitz theatre. Can’t wait to see the boys tour again this year. Thx for the great music and memories. And here’s to the new ones, sincerely vince yonkers cheers !!!!!


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