The Grapes of Wrath “Singles” available today.

“SINGLES” album out now. Click cover to buy on-line through iTunes.


  1. Hi Aaron, not sure if it’s available as MP3’s, but you can order a physical CD through Amazon…

  2. Love the collection and the new single “Good to See You” – very nostalgic. It’s getting great airplay on Sirius (Iceberg), but I’m only in the car so much and have been trying to buy it.

    I am a Canadian living in the USA. When I try to buy through iTunes it says I need to access the Canadian store, but I can’t purchase there. When will this album be available to folks in my scenario?


  3. Hey Grapes,
    It’s been a long time, but it sure is great to hear you! 🙂 So, so happy you are back.

  4. I love this album. Just saw you at The Commodore with 54.40. I was sad at the poor sound they production they gave you. Couldn’t hear the vocals clearly but you could still hear the essence of that fantastic music. Wish there was a YouTube version of Good to See You. I’d love to share it all over. That song speaks deep in my heart. Thanks for helping to bring back the memories that it did.

  5. Glad you are back. Loved you when I was at university! Need to reconnect now!! Looking forward to new album ! Ginger? Wtf???! Just jokes – kinda! Huge fan of yester year!


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