New Album Recording Finished

We’ve just finished recording our new album in Orangeville Ontario. It was 2 intensive weeks consisting of long days and nights, but we had about the best time you can have making an album.
It will be released on Aporia records in February, 2013. We can also say that 2 songs off the album could potentially be debuted in October…


  1. First snow of the season; i’m listening to Kevin’s solo disc… sipping port by the fire and getting right wistful. My cd is signed – yay – #500 in a series of 500. He sold it to me after a solo show at the arena in St Andrews, NB some few years back. I was just so delighted to see him again, as it had been a fantastic open-air concert at Queen’s U in the 80’s when i’d last seen GoW live. And he even remembered that show! Soulful guy – it was a real privilege to chat with him.
    It’s funny: for years i’ve been ranting about how so many of these ‘indie kids today’ are just rehashing what GoW were laying down 20-odd yrs ago. GREAT to see that they’ve kept the scene warm awaiting your return.
    It’s been a long time, but it sure is good to see you(!!!).
    Ps: Any chance of finding Kevin’s sublime cover of Golden Brown on a GoW release? or live? Always been one of my favourite songs.

  2. Hopefully a couple new ones this fall.

  3. Are we going to hear some of the new material on the tour this fall?

  4. I am so #$%&ing excited for this new album to come out! You were the soundtrack of my teens and I’ve never stopped listening to you guys in the 20 years(!) since your last full group effort (and yes, I did get Field Trip and go to see you then at The Horseshoe Tavern in T.O., as well). I saw you perform live everytime you did a show in Toronto and you were incredible on stage. So happy you’ve gotten back together and are making that “Grapes magic” again. Thanks for sharing with us again and here’s to your success, you deserve it!

  5. FANTASTIC,….. needless to say, I cannot wait to hear some new material, this is such great news, it has been waaaaaaaaay to long, THANK YOU.
    Now maybe there will be a live DVD with the CD release ???, just a thought, fingers crossed, LOL.


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