Calgary, Alberta – 07/16/11

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  1. the webpage should be easier…this band was never this difficult…just kidding; went to the haven in edmonton last week. first time ever at a rock show, sober at less than 8pm. we were the early show. even saw tom outside doing some last minute shopping and luckily i broke through the mob around him to ask him what they’d start…and 7 30 sharp it was. about 80 minutes…all the expected tunes. maybe 2 i didn’t recognize and one of those was from the cosmically titled first albummmm. i thought maybe that one single from Ginger wouldve been cool. or something by mushroom trail…haha…it was fun. i hope you guys are well received cuz it was a cool niche that you had for my ears at that time; wilburys came out and right around the same time the first really good stone roses album. those were soundtracks to my lifestyle…though it sounds kind of cheezy it means you made an impression (oh yeah, and this one time you played the klondike ex opening for tom cochrane; i think it was after now and again because you were getting a bigger sound but you still were much more earthy than the springsteenesque stuff cochrane did. blah blah…seotemger bowl of green…haha! cheers!


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