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November 30, 1984


The Grapes of Wrath (e.p.)

Debut E.P. (Included on the "September Bowl of Green" CD). Track listing: Misunderstanding 2:29, Lay Out the Trap 4:23, Down to the Wire 3:56, Laughing Out Loud 4:09.

"By raising money at flea markets and garage sales the act was able to record 4 songs with up-and-coming producer/engineer Greg Reely in July and August 1984. Unbeknownst to the band, a cassette recording of the material was passed along to Terry McBride of the newly formed Nettwerk Records in Vancouver, which led to the band being signed and releasing the tracks as a self-titled EP in December 1984. The band played a farewell gig in hometown Kelowna, packed up Tom’s station wagon and the Grapes Of Wrath moved to Vancouver."

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